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Excellent Customer Service

so about that rant I posted earlier, well i decided that as well as let out here on tumblr i emailed sublime with a few questions and they got back to me so quickly that I am ecstatic! This was some brilliant customer service on their part and I continue being a loyal customer thankyou so much sublime for answering my questions so promptly

Not a Happy Customer

I know I don’t really ever go ranty but right now I really need to rant!!!

I originally bought my kindle fire because it was working out more economical for me to buy digital copies of the many yaoi titles I love to read and one of my favorite companies to purchase from for a while now has been SuBLime for obvious reasons if you know the company after all it was how i was finally able to get a hold of titles like Crimson Spell, Love Pistols and Embracing Love.

Unfortunately though due to a recent amazon update here in Australia I can no longer purchase products from SuBLime because their titles for some reason (I don’t know why) are not available on Amazon Australia. I was willing to pay in the American kindle store to purchase these products but that’s not even an option for me anymore which sucks because the second volume of their release of Embracing Love is finally out and even though I could purchase the first volume I am unable to purchase the next volume and I am having the same issue with not being able to purchase the last few volumes of Sex Pistols for my kindle either.

I do hope that some time in the near future SuBLime make their products available to those in Australia, I know that if they did release their titles over here they would make money because yaoi does have a strong following here in Australia, most shops that sell yaoi products have said products sell out rather quickly in my local area of shopping.

ok rant over

Happy Birthday to me!

Yay today is Mistress’s birthday, although a lady never reveals her age. Anyway I just want to thank all my followers for no other reason other than I’m in a good mood today because I login into tumblr and what do I find? my dashboard flooded with my otp!!!!!

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